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Research in Sociology

The department of sociology has a dynamic research program, with scholars engaged in empirical research using quantitative and qualitative research methods and making contributions to sociological theory. Our areas of strength cluster around the following themes: gender, sexuality and family; social psychology and mental health; race, ethnicity and immigration, political sociology and social movements; education; and social control.

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Advanced Research on Mental Health and Society (ARMS)

A unique interdisciplinary approach to lead the way for advanced research on mental health from a social science perspective.

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McMaster Indigenous Research Institute (MIRI)

A world-class facility recognized for its leadership in the field of Indigenous research.

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Spark: a centre for social research innovation

Spark connects researchers to the people, skills and tools needed to stand at the forefront of social research innovation.


The Krader Project

The Lawrence Krader Research Project is a program of research and publication based on some 150 unpublished manuscripts that he had authored from the time of his retirement from the directorship of the Institute of Ethnology at the Freie Universität Berlin.




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